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About Svalta

Walter's interest in dieting began in the 1970's with very small goals, and to this day his interest has always been to approach weight loss with moderation.  At his current age of 60, he's been through all manner of ups and downs in conjunction with slow, long-term weight gain associated with aging and the love of tipple.  His dieting approach has evolved over 30+ years from a basic appreciation of the short-term SCARSDALE DIET to a highly evolved and refined plan to fit our current food-obsessed age, which requires flexibility, consideration, and patience.  

Walter was a good student in High School and an average one at University.  He worked for about 30 years in the construction industry in a family-owned business, in every capacity imaginable, before deciding to move to Siberia at age 50 so as to learn the Russian language.  It was accelerated weight gain after 50 and a much more sedentary lifestyle which finalized his current approaches to weight control.  He has always enjoyed perfect health regardless of circumstances, and he attributes this in part to adhering to principles herein, in varying degrees, over the duration of the last 32 years.