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   SVALTA features the de-emphasis of 3 meals a day and encourages snacks whenever desired.  Meal contents may become snacks and vice versa, as they blend and complement. Eat any time desired.  All 24 hours of the day are covered.

   SVALTA, being flexible, is easy to transition into from whatever you are eating and drinking now.   One could live on it forever (flexibly, of course) if desired. And, if one breaks down occasionally, it's no big deal because generally, this is a long-term progression.  One can enter and exit at any time, even for any one meal---and return---with the result being less and less consumption.   It’s even possible to begin by just drinking the appetite-suppressant and water-replacement teas ONLY and keep eating as before; ease into the program slowly.


   SVALTA is very well balanced nutritionally.  Beverages are very well considered.  The plan is very low fat.  Taken together, the ingredients are not the tastiest sometimes but this will discourage overeating---there need not be an emphasis on eating to satisfy taste cravings.  On Svalta, what is drunk is just as important, if not MORE important, as what is eaten.




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