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   Why does it work?  Besides being very low-fat, SVALTA places certain food groups strategically at certain times of the day; these ensure maximum internal digestive calorie-burning effects and yet enough energy is provided for a sedentary life, at minimum. Appetite satiating/suppressing protein is at lunch and dinner.  Breakfast protein is mild, as dinner proteins still haven't been fully metabolized for maximum effect.  Natural fruit sugars (some high fiber) and some lite protein fill in between the main meals to maintain the constant sense of fullness that so many people have become accustomed to.

   Bread/grain/rice protein/starch are FINISHED in the morning.  Nut/seed/low-fat dairy protein is at lunch, and these blend with high-fiber, hard-to-digest vegetables.  Dinner is meat/fish/poultry and vegetables.  Nighttime is bananas.  All of this is washed down with one’s choice of 2 blended designer teas, both of which are much more healthy and cheap than bottled water.  And, tablet supplements are possible which add a placebo effect to reduce appetite. SVALTA works---and it isn't expensive, painful, or complicated.  

   Because SVALTA is so adaptable, so flexibly usable by so many, the following diet-related subjects need not be considered:  exercise, stress, metabolism, genes, recidivism/breakdowns/cheating, hitting walls, plateaus, long and short-term goals, who the diet is/isn't for, the variable effects of aging on weight plans, etc.  Most people are fully aware of the plethora of plans and problems.  Make one's own decisions within the SVALTA framework.



SVALTA works for all income groups.  It's easy to understand and use.  It's adaptable to different cultures and cooking styles.  By promoting healthy eating, it is good for many economic/business sectors.  Charitable organizations could use it to promote better eating habits for the economically disadvantaged.  SVALTA recognizes the possible influence of alcohol on obesity, and addresses it.  Diet boot camps, etc., could benefit from it's implementation.  SVALTA levels the playing field between folks who want to lose weight in competitions or who wager on reduction outcomes over time.  It broadens the possibilities for rewards/incentive programs because it can be used anytime in relation to whatever an individual is doing independently, which will encourage  more people to try losing.  Finally, because there is so much oral gratification going on with SVALTA, it encourages smokers to quit while losing weight at the same time.  


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